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Kambua played hard to get for three years



Gospel singer Kambua says she took three years before collaborating with EMB’s Mr Seed because she did not want to be seen as a collabo artiste.

“It is the first time we have done a song together, although it has been three years since Mr Seed approached me to collabo with him,” she told Adelle yesterday on Kiss FM.

Mr Seed said that when he approached Kambua’s manager, they kept him waiting for three years.

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mr seed Kambua“Kambua alikua ananiplayiatu star (Kambua was just playing mega star to me), and I had to explain to her that it is true gospel,” he said.

But Kambua explained: “You get so many people who want to collabo with you, and so if you just go and say yes, you might become the collabo artiste of the year, you know. I had to space my collabos.”

Asked why he chose Kambua on his new song ‘Happy’, Seed said:

“I love her voice and so we just connected so well and thank God, it finally came naturally.”

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Both artistes acknowledge that there has been pressure in the gospel industry with the kind of songs artistes are doing.

“People are judging the male gospel artistes. Many people are listening to our songs just to judge us,” Seed said, while Kambua added that “the pressure pushes you to keep true to your fans”.

Check out their colabo below

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