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KEMSA CEO flies lover to Dubai official trip masquerading as staff – Weekly Citizen




KEMSA CEO Dr. Jonah Manjari love for skirts has come to haunt him.

This is also happening as an insider reveals controversy surrounding the recruitment of 50 positions under Universal Health Care (UHC).

The positions were for mason, carpenter, plumber, security, cleaner and kitchen staff .The whole process was undertaken by Manjari kitchen cabinet that is currently engaged in witch-hunt.

Those favoured were directly close to those calling shots at KEMSA.


According to sources, Manjari is out to control the lucrative procurement department.

As a result, the position for senior procurement officer was advertised recently and what  has surprised a section on the board is that, Manjari without involving others pushed to employ one more to effectively report to him directly as a spy and manage his vested deals.

As per the advertisement, three positions were earmarked but Manjari pushed for one extra leading to four.

It has emerged, the position of Procurement assistant was not advertised at the behest of Dr Manjari.

However, interviews were done for three slots by the panel but Manjari wantsto sneak in a fourth face.

A section of the board is also concerned with amove to hire drivers for trucks with the current outsourced ones lying idle.

But what has surprised majority of the staff is a foreign trip  Dr Manjari initiated in mid June this year.

The trip was to Dubai.

To accompany Dr Manjari were two staff from his office. Records we have indicate, the two were the personal assistant (PA) and secretary.


It has emerged, the PA who also acts as Manjari pimp was paid per diem but never travelled to Dubai.

He was spotted with a lady working at KEMSA in a hide-out along Kiambu road enjoying per diem money.

Afterwards, he went hiding in his Kiambu residence only to resurface and cheat he had travelled with others.

During the Dubai trip,Dr Manjari was in company of two females in mid-thirties , his secretary and another unidentified female said to be his concubine.

The lover (name withheld) went to Dubai on expense of KEMSA accounts including air travel,allowances and accommodation. It is said,the CEO engaged with the lover in sex exploits through the period.


The said lover and stranger attended the conference with a name
tag of a KEMSA senior manager name “Caroline Gichinga”.

Sources say,Gichinga was not aware of the under deal to use her name. She is crying foul.

It has also emerged, early this year, there was an exhibition to Dubai again, Manjari and two other KEMSA staff were sponsored by a supplier to go and meet the manufacturer to work on some specifications.

Money is said to have exchanged hands running into millions to help win luctrative tenders at KEMSA.



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