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Kenya: Nyandarua to Grow 10 Million Trees on Unutilized Farmlands



Nyandarua — Nyandarua County will utilize private agricultural farms that lie fallow to grow 10 million trees in ten years.

The county also proposes stringent by laws to protect the forest covers against uncontrolled harvesting for more sustainable wood products while cushioning against food insecurity and adverse climate change.

Speaking during the launch of 2021-2030 Forest Landscape Restoration Strategy, Governor Francis Kimemia said the move aimed at increasing the forest landscapes to 201,255 ha, from the current forest landscape of 8348ha.

“Most of the unutilized land is fenced and lying fallow or unfenced and being used for grazing by members of the community. This land has potential for agroforestry, fruit trees, macadamia nuts and apple farming,” noted Kimemia.

In a bid to align conservation policies and regulatory frameworks at the county level with the national strategies, Kimemia said forest and land degradation adversely affected and depleted resources that formed the basis for livelihoods to millions of people worldwide.

“We are liaising with stakeholders to facilitate and implement restoration of priority sites and this will include soil erosion controls, expanding and improving woodlots while establishing community tree nurseries,” the governor said.

“Growth of multipurpose trees and high value tree cops such as fruit trees will help maximizing the value of trees for agricultural landscapes through agroforestry,” he added.

The county forests have suffered wild fires caused by honey harvesters or charcoal producers, riverine degradation caused by poor agricultural practices as well as greenhouse gases that have caused climate change.