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Kenya Railways Addresses Train Derailment Reports



Kenya Railways has dismissed claims that one of its trains derailed on Friday, September 24, morning causing a heavy traffic snarl up in the city.

In the morning of Friday, an unusual traffic congestion was reported along the busy Mbagathi Way and Langata Road, stretching for kilometres.

The traffic congestion stretch from the Mbagathi Way and Langata Road roundabout all the way to the Bomas of Kenya, a distance of about 7.6 kilometres.

The traffic snarl up caused an uproar on social media with Kenyans accusing the police officers charged with the responsibility of ensuring free flow of traffic of failing to do their work. 

Heavy traffic along Mombasa Road on Saturday, July 3, 2021.


Motorists and passengers on the two roads sent distress messages alleging that a train had derailed blocking a section of the Mbagathi Way, with a section of the media picking up the reports and broadcasting them.

Kenya Railways, however, now says that none of its trains derailed today (September 24).

“Kenya Railways wishes to clarify that contrary to reports circulating on social media, none of our trains have derailed or caused snarl ups within Nairobi,” the statement read.

The National Police Service on their social media pages have also clarified that the no train derailed at the said hour.

The police had received the message on the alleged derailing of the train and cautioned motorists, advising them to use alternative routes.

The NPS has since clarified saying that it was not a train that derailed but a truck developed mechanical issues and stalled along Mbagathi Way and eventually leading to the traffic mess.

“Reference is made to our earlier communication that a train had derailed along the Mbagathi Way causing obstruction. The Commandant Railways Police wishes to confirm it was not a train, but a truck,” the report read. 

The truck has since been removed and the road cleared.

An image of Railway

A section of the Nakuru-Kisumu railway line that is under rehabilitation.


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