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Kenyan Female Pilot Makes History in Somalia



Kenya’s Captain Yasmin Abdi Farah made history in Somalia after making her first flight as a full Captain.

In a video seen by, Abdi became the first female pilot of Somali descent to fly in Somalia since 1991 when the civil war hit the horn-of-Africa country. 

Passengers waited with bated breath as history was being made with Abdi taking to the skies for her maiden flight as a fully-fledged captain. 

A plane taking off from an airport

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The pilot, who hails from Wajir County, flew from Mogadishu to Kismayo and noted that she had hitherto been the first officer in the previous flights. 

“It is my first day as a captain, and I landed at Sayid Mohamed Abdille Hassan International Airport. I had several landings at this airport, but I was always the first officer in the right seat,” she stated after landing in Kismayo. 

Her first officer, Zeytuun noted that she was proud to witness a woman captain on the plane. 

“I am pleased because today is our day; it is the day for Captain Yasmin,” she stated. 

One of her instructors, Captain Osman Amin also expressed his gratitude for the amazing feat achieved by Abdi and noted that she would be a role model for young girls across the East African region. 

“Today, I am very excited to see Yasmin become a full pilot after years of rigorous training and being a first officer in the crew. It is now on her to discharge her responsibilities.”

Passengers who were aboard the flight were also pleased to witness a female captain. 

“It is a good thing for us to see a Somali lady fly us and I would like to call on the other Somali girls to take a leaf from her,” one of the passengers stated. 

Abdi’s remarkable feat brings to light the tremendous records set by Kenyans in the diaspora. Recently, Noreen Kidunduhu, a Nairobi-based lawyer, made history after being appointed as the chairperson of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. 

The international body is recognised for being granted a royal charter by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

File photo of an airplane in the sky

File photo of an airplane in the sky


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