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Kenya’s Military, Civil Servants to take pay cuts from April 2020





Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officers and Senior Civil Servants are among those expected to take a pay cut beginning with the month of April 2020.

This comes after the President and his Deputy become the first to take a pay cut. Others whose salaries are on the chopping board include Governors and the Chief Justice, spreading down to the executive suite of top public and private companies.

According to a memo sent to Head of various KDF units across Kenya, those officers of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and above will have to take a 20 per cent pay cut. Those holding the rank of Majors will take a 10 per cent cut on their basic pay while Private and Warrant Officers in rank one will each contribute KSh 750 from their monthly pay.

In another circular issued by Head of Public Service Mr Joseph Kinyua, to all Principal Secretaries and Chief Executives of various commissions, the state is asking all civil servants, to take a pay cut.


This circular mentions that the pay cuts will be effected this April and could continue for the next three to six months, depending on how long the pandemic spread persists. All civil servants will be required to sign a consent form and submit it to their respective heads.

Unemployment levels are rising even faster across the country and many of those managing to keep their jobs are getting paid less. The worst-hit is the hotel and aviation industry, where thousands have been sent home with a skeleton staff remaining being forced to take pay cuts or unpaid leave.

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