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Khaligraph Jones to drop major hit with Rudeboy



Nigeria meets Kenya to make music magic and this time you better be ready for it. Khaligraph Jones is working on a major collabo with one of the P square brothers. Paul Okoye (Rude Boy) who is currently in the country after his appearance and performance during the Koroga Festival.

You all remember the days when the P square brothers were all you could listen to right? That was before the pair broke apart for unclear reasons.

The pair has still been in the game although that magic touch kind of died but they have been making big hits as individuals. Fans wish that it would even be great if the pair still went ahead to make music together.

The singer has had a couple singles ever since the split and  several collabo and now wants a taste of working together with the Kenyan music kings.

From his instagram page, Paul Okoye  is seemingly part of the Coke studio 2019 team.

Paul Okoye who changed his name to rude boy has several hits including is allowed, IFai among others. If you have listened to any of his songs, you will agree that what is coming is no joke.

Khaligraph Jones definitely one of the best artists anyone would want to work with. The creme of Kenya rap; he has won many awards to earn this title.

Fans have hyped the song and are already feeling it even though the artists have not announced when the song  will be out.


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