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Kizz Daniel held hostage by students and forced to refund money after failing to perform



Kizz Daniel is in trouble!

It is reported that he is being held hostage By Babcock Students for being paid 3.5m Naira (Sh980,000) without performing for them.

The aggrieved Babcock University students claim they waited for 7 hours for him to perform.


The main reason why he did not even show up is that his demands as an artiste were not met. Kizz Daniel had said he had requested for two G Wagons for him and his team, despite the efforts of the students to get him a Mercedes Benz.

If you thought that was enough frustration to the Babcock University students then you got it wrong because things get worse. Kizz Daniel then went ahead and gave the excuse money offered to him was not enough seeing as he is a well-traveled artiste.

The students were so angry that they surrounded him in the car that brought him to the event and held him hostage. This then forced Kizz Daniel to refund the 3.5M Naira to the organizers.

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It was a sad day for Kizz fans but at least he refunded the money. According to  Kizz Daniels team, he could not perform because he was too tired from his performance in Dubai.

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