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List Of African Countries With The Most Powerful Military



Security is a major part of any country’s success and nations across the world tend to invest a lot in the men responsible for securing their borders.

Africa is known to have recurring surges of violence and these are the men who move in to make sure dust settles and peace is restored. While every African nation has an army, some are more poerful than others. This list will help you know whose guns are bigger than the other’s.

  1. Egypt

First up on the list is  Egypt. It arguably has the best army in Africa due to its number and the quality of equipment they use. The army has almost 500,000 soldiers and over 10,000 armored  vehicles, not to mention over 60,000 vehicles responsible for conducting logistics and over 900 aircraft ensuring the skies are as safe as they possibly can.

2. Algeria


Second on the list is Algeria. The country has ensured that their army is one of the best in Africa by investing heavily in their foot soldiers, the air force and the navy. It is believed that Algeria’s active front-line personnel is more than 127,000 and nearly 2,000 armored vehicles.

3. Ethiopia


Being landlocked,  Ethiopia hasn’t considered having a navy. However, they have ensured they put up one of the best air force and armies in Africa. Their high population means they have thousands of potential soldiers at their disposal.

4. South Africa

south africa

South Africa is one of the biggest economies in the continent and they have ensured their military lives up to the expectation. South Africa’s airforce and navy is backed by the latest technology and weaponry which means that despite having only 100,000 active personnel, it is still one of the best in Africa.

5. Nigeria


Fifth on the list is Nigeria. The West African country that boasts the biggest economy in the continent has also invested heavily in their army. Through proceeds from their big oil business, the country has managed to maintain its big number of army personnel. It is reported that Nigeria has more than 1,400 armored vehicles, 360 tanks, and 6,000 logistical vehicles at its disposal, as well as nearly 300 aircraft and 25 high-powered naval vessels.

6. Kenya


Kenya makes it into the list at sixth. The East African Nation has established itself as a vital participant in international peacekeeping missions and is able to do so due to its merchant marine strength and an enormous labour force. Kenya’s army boasts of one of the best training in Africa and political stability has only strengthened them further. This high-quality training has helped them keep the Al-Shabab from its borders.

7. Morocco


Morocco sits seventh on the list and it is beieved that their military has over 2,120 armored vehicles, 1,348 tanks, 323 total aircraft pieces, and a total naval strength of 121 at their disposal. The natiion has also been involved in a number of peacekeeping projects.

8. Tunisia


The Tunisians are men of order. Their Armed Forces is is composed of three mechanized brigades; one Saharan territorial group, one special forces group, and one military police regiment. They hold over 900 armored vehicles, 350 tanks, a manpower of over five million, 139 pieces of aircraft and a total naval strength of 50.

9. Angola 


Angola has an army, a navy, and an air force. It is reported that the nation holds over 920 armored vehicles, 140 tanks, 270 pieces of aircraft, and a navy of 56 craft.

10. Libya


Tenth on the list is North African nation Lybia. Their strength comes from their large number of equipment depite having few troops. The country still has over 2,500 armored vehicles, 500 tanks, 600 towed artillery pieces, 6,500 logistical vehicles, and so much more, making it one of the best armies in the continent.

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