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Man dies after fight with Bar owner in Mwiki,Nairobi



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A young man has lost his life after he was beaten in a scuffle with a bar owner in Nairobi.

According to area residents, the man who sells coffee in Mwiki area, Nairobi was allegedly beaten and left for dead by a bar owner in the area after he forcefully entered Kwetu bar in the area to sell coffee  which led to a scuffle with the bar owner.

The man was forcefully removed from the premises prompting him to break one of the customer’s car window with a stone.

Angered by the incident, the bar owners pounced on him beating him to a pulp.

Area residents went on a rampage and tried to ban down the bar before police broke the rowdy crowd.

The man’s body and the car he allegedly broke have been taken to Mwiki police station