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Maombi muhimu! The number of times President Kenyatta has prayed in public



It is not common to find a president leading or conducting prayers. However, in Kenya it has stopped being a surprise as the current president of Kenya has done it numerous of times.

Here are the number of times President Uhuru Kenyatta has prayed.

Uhuru Kenyatta at one time prayed in front of his friends which ended up not only surprising people but also leaving everyone speechless.

During his touring different parts of the country back last year. The president at one time during his visit to Nyeri decided to pray in Kikuyu and even prayed for rain. Immediately afterwards it started raining. The people were left celebrating .

During his final rally before the general elections last year. The president made a prayer as the rally was ending. This took place in Afraha stadium Nakuru.


Uhuru Kenyatta also prayed during the National Prayer Day that took place in Nakuru, Afuraha stadium.

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