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Kenya’s Comedian Eric Omondi is at it again, see what he did to DJ Makena



The internet is in a frenzy after a video of celebrated disc jockey, DJ Pierra Makena, kissing comedian Eric Omondi went viral.

Omondi was just there calm when Makena approached and planted a kiss on him.

They locked lips for a few seconds.

In the background, a paparazzi, who was snapping the photos and video can be heard telling the celebs to recreate the kissing moment.

“I have not captured the kiss. Please retake. That was very fast he didn’t even feel it,” he said.

She replied: “No! No! No! I have given him (a kiss). We won’t doing it again now.”

All these time, she was holding him a suggestive manner, leaving netizens confused.

The funnyman posted the video on his Instagram page and captioned: “I feel cheated”.

The two are yet to reveal the nature of their relationship, though understands that they are working on a joint project.

The good folks on the internet wasted no time to share their thoughts.

Karanja David naughtily said: “The Bluetooth device is ready to pair.”

Steeve Stills: “What do you give these girls to make them crazy? It seems you have a special ‘metal’.”

Bryo Shavin: “At this rate it appears like Eric has ‘chewed’ every female celebrity in Kenya.”

Phelix Felix: “The next step will be doing bad manners.”

King Surul: “There is something we don’t know here. The kiss was smooth.”

Gabiro Mtu: “It is easy to know people who are in love like these ones.”

King Erroh: “Eric is enjoying a lot.”