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Masculine frame is certainty of self



When a man goes from unframed to framed, in his teens, twenties or later; women will say how he “Grew into himself” Or “Calmed down” — Women commonly say this after a man picks up frame because the man’s projected anxiety has lowered.

The biggest turn off for women is nervousness. And a man becomes nervous when he is in doubt. This doubt filled state is the common state of a feminized man. Why? Because the man is dependent on emotional validation which means he requires more validation of self.

This is why when an unframed man goes out on a date with a woman, he will be nervous, and doubt filled. He will fall into a qualification mode where he is chasing affection over seeking respect. The power dynamic is against him only because he doubts himself.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


This deflates a woman’s sexual arousal while giving her a man who easily controlled. If a woman needs the man for exploitation purposes, she will keep him around otherwise the split ways.

When a man bears frame, he projects certainty of self which is seen as the man being calm with himself. He lacks need for validation of himself because he has trained himself in true belief. Existing behind the masculine wall has strengthened his inner voice.

Once a man lets go of the security blanket of others approval, he will begin to grow in power of self. This is frame. And women reward this certainty of self with respect and sex. Two things feminized guys crave but they are too nervous to get. Bear strong frame and grow in self.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.

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