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Masculinity: How a man can overcome his depression



By Jerr Rrej

Depression comes for each man on occasion. At times a man will feel weak, lonesome and at odds with himself. Maybe he will begin to hate himself and will doubt his own reality. In his head he may think “What is the point?” And will feel unmotivated in his life.

At times I will get depressed and lose motivation. I will feel overwhelmed by a negative viewpoint and feel that my life is sinking instead of rising. This can bring me into a mood that seeks comfort over challenge because any more challenge feels disheartening.

This past week has been more depressive than normal for me. Why? The sun is fading sooner in the day, and I have not been taking care of my health like I should. I am eating more junk food and drinking alcohol. Both of these have killed my motivation for exercise.

And my thoughts have been restricted by the blue glare of my phone and laptop. Social media itself can have a negative effect on the mind when a person is working on marketing. When we stare at the blue light for long enough our conscious mind becomes narrowed to this small glow

The dopamine addiction from social media validation can drain a man of his energy. Add bad food, booze, bad sleep from booze and slip into a sedentary week has altered my own mood. My view has sunk as low as the sun in my winter country. Grey upon grey upon grey. Dull mind

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


With all this, I am missing an old flame in my life. My mood has sunk into disbelief and with that disbelief comes a loneliness. The less we believe in ourselves the more reliant on others we become for our sense of self.

But with all this doubt and depression there is a light shining before me. What is it? I know that I must stop eating garbage, quit drinking, get sleep and make myself exercise. I know that if my actions become positive, myself belief will rise, and my depression will fade.

This is the external to internal technique. I talk about this in depth in The Wall Speaks. The more we summon the discipline for positive actions the more our conscious mind will be reminded that we truly love ourselves.

Self-love does not come easily. It must be sought out and seized with willpower. We must beat the drum of self-belief with the drum of our self-discipline. Sweating the body is a baptism of self-love. We eat healthy and avoid alcohol because we want to prove our self-love.

I know what I must do and so my mind has hope. And that hope will guide me as I work to reach that belief. Remember, we all are battling our own demons. We all get lonesome. We all overly indulge in things we should not. We all fall into occasion disbelief.

And remember that the more depressed a man becomes, the weaker he will be to indulgence that further fuels his depressed state. In a way, a depressed man digs his hole deeper with weak willed comforts which creates his weak-willed desire for them. A vicious circle.

Join me. Push away poison and garbage. Sweat until the pain goes away. Do not mindlessly scroll on social media and lose yourself into the blue glow. Grow stronger in self-control. Eat healthy, exercise, get good sleep and read good books. And DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.

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