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Massive graft at Homa Bay water department – Weekly Citizen




Homa Bay county government has since 2013 been rocked by mega corruption scandals that have seen the county losing money worth millions of shillings, with residents demanding for urgent legal action against the culprits.
Governor Cyprian Awiti and his county executive committee member for water and environment services Oruko Nyawinda have widely been blamed for failure to tackle the graft and other scandals especially in the water and environment services department.
The scandals claimed to be well orchestrated by few corrupt individuals out to embezzle public funds under the watch of the two top county leaders have cost the county residents heavily in terms of development projects, particularly water supply services.

Cyprian Awiti


In a number of cases, money released to the county coffers from the National Treasury to facilitate water projects always find their way into individuals pockets, according to sources familiar with the county government operations.
Serious cases currently under investigations and where no action has been taken against the main culprits include Nyandiwa Water Supply Community Project, Nyalkinyi Community Water Project, Kanyaluo Water Project, Kingenyo Community Water Project, Min Arot Community Water Project, Nyakweri Community Water Project and then Nyarath Arot Community Water project.
The corruption scams have reportedly been happening under the watch of the county chief officers including the water and environment county executive committee member Oruko Nyawinda, who is claimed to be in pocket of many contractors and power brokers.
Nyawinda who is a lawyer has since been cornered to explain the whereabouts of Sh47 million allocated to the six community water development projects.
According to a report by the county assembly’s committee on water and environment dated April 11 2016, none of the payment vouchers particularly for Nyandiwa Water Supply project, said to have been signed by one Kassim Mohamed and requested for payment could be traced.
The contractor of the project Daladala Investment Ltd was confirmed to be closely related to Nyawinda, a former Mombasa lawyer whose name was one time deregistered from the Law Society of Kenya

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