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Mathare’s Nigeria drug lords back in full swing



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Just a few months after the government launched an operation to flush out drug dealers in Nairobi’s Mathare area, the drug dealers are back and are conducting their business in broad daylight.

Mathare Location Senior Chief Julia Kamwara says she has noticed the return of the drug dealers saying that they have developed a plan to flush them out completely.

“We have wind that the sale of drugs in this area is back. But what i want to tell them is that, they do not have a space here, we shall finish them,” said Kamwara.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Kamwara also urged residents in Mathare to cooperate with local authorities in order to get rid of the dealers.

Area residents also complained of police harassment over the return of the drug menace saying that the police were directing their anger on the wrong people.

The residents displayed their bullet ridden items to the chief pleading with her to intervene on the harrassment.