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MCA alleges favouritsm in City Hall promotions, chief officer rubbishes claim



An MCA in Nairobi has claimed there is favouritism at City Hall in promotions in the Inspectorate Department.

Pumwani MCA Paul Irungu said some senior directors and officers have been demoted under unclear circumstances.

The allegation follows an earlier one by the Nairobi City Workers Union, which wrote a protest letter to the Nairobi County Public Service Board.

On Wednesday, Irungu appeared before the County Assembly Labour and Social Welfare Committee and said the matter is serious.

“I have all the evidence including screenshots. It was not a joke when I asked the question on the floor of the assembly,” Irungu said.

 Last month, he had requested that the committee looks into circumstances that led to the demotions and the criteria used.

He also asked that the committee releases the full list of officers in the department and their current rankings.

However, appearing before the committee chaired by Peter Wanyoike, Nairobi chief officer in charge of security compliance Tito Kilonzi rubbished the claims.

He said the Pumwani MCA might have misinterpreted the redeployment of senior officers in the department.

“None of our staff have been demoted. People have misinterpreted the redeployment we undertake periodically of senior officers to mean demotion,” Kilonzi said.

Mugumoini MCA Jared Akama said promotions and demotions should be fair.

Kilonzi told the committee redeployment was done without malice. He said academic qualifications, training, performance and experience are some of the things they considered while evaluating staff.

“It is only the county public service board that has the power to appoint a person to hold or act in the office of the county public service. On demotion, the Inspectorate Department is only likely to recommend such to the board on cases of gross misconduct,” Kilonzi said.

The list of senior officers presented to the committee shows domination by members of two communities.

Deputy County Secretary Leboo Morintat, who is also the Public Service Management chief officer, said he was not aware of the demotions.

The board’s chief executive officer Meshack Guto, who also appeared before the committee, backed Morintant’s remarks.

He said the board will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

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