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MCA Tricky trashes claims that he was a Chokora



Churchill Show comedian MCA Tricky came to the spotlight and blew us away with his immense talent. He has cracked our ribs so many times and we ain’t complaining.

When he came to the spotlight, it was reported that he was a Chokora (Street Kid) before joining the Churchill show family.

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Well, he has come out to refute the rumours making it clear that he was not a street kid.

In an interview with SDE, he stated that the press totally changed the story and the real story is that he was a hustler, coz you know these streets are tough.

“I was never a chokora. I was only a hustler in the streets but a section of the press changed the story to imply I was one. I was but a hustler ferrying goods for business people to and from Muthurwa Market,” he told SDE.

Things are working out for MCA Tricky as he landed a new job that will ensure the bills get paid.

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