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Meet Levis Otieno, the boy from Migori whose story warmed the hearts of Kenyans after reporting to Kanga high school with only a metal box and two bars of soap.

God has blessed him through people and his troubled mother is now at peace.

Weekly Citizen wishes to thank all those who have been blessed to bless Levis dreams and aspirations. Your contribution no matter how big or little it is will multiply in God’s name.

Levis with empty box

Levis Otieno scored 390 marks in 2019 KCPE and got a spot in Kanga high school.

His poor family could not afford to pay his fees or school uniform and he, therefore, showed up in the secondary school with only a metal box and two bars of soap.


His mother had tried to secure a bursary from the CDF but she was denied and therefore had to accompany his son to school with an empty metal box.

Kenyans were warmed by the boy’s determination to join school despite his poor state and well-wishers are currently contributing towards helping the young boy.


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