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Millicent Omanga doesn’t have two husbands as Edgar Obare claims



Millicent Omanga, Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga at a UDA rally in Nairobi

Blogger Edgar Obare last week shared that Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has two husbands. The allegations might be correct owing to the lifestyle that the obese lady has lived before meeting Deputy President William Ruto.

Omanga seems to have been involved with many males while she was on the streets selling bedsheets. She seems to have been her first and best client, testing the sheets with numerous subjects.

In Obare’s expose’ Omanga is depicted as a thorough business lady who opens joints, in this case, a wine and spirit shop but in order to keep the male manager loyal, she sleeps with him. In the expose’ Omanga has two businesses selling alcohol in Eldoret and Nairobi at yaya centre.

Screenshot from Edgar Obare’s expose’ on Millicent Omanga

This is new as Omanga has found much fortune by being close to DP Ruto and now might be one of the mules for money laundering as she uses her alcohol businesses to do this.

Millicent Omanga doesn’t have two husbands, she is just a loose one.

In the recent past, Omanga was in a relationship with the then Narok County Chief of Finance Morgan Siloma (a minister kind of) who helped her with money, lots of it.

Morgan Siloma who was demoted to the Health docket was looting Narok County to fund Millicent Omanga’s lifestyle.

Exposé: Here Is How Nominated Senator Omanga’s Funds Her Lavish Lifestyle

Omanga has often shared pictures of her with her happy family, but it seems the man is under her authority as he has kept a cheating wife.

It might be that Edgar Obare stumbled upon a thing or not, but the other correct assumption we can deduce from the story is that Millicent Omanga is as open as a 24 hour lodging in Nairobi’s downtown.

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