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Mr Seed responds to trolls about licking his girlfriend’s face



In an Interview on Kiss FM with Adelle Onyango on Breakfast with the stars, Mr Seed was put to task about how he responded to trolls following a video he posted to his Instagram where he makes romantic moves at his fiancée.

” I am a very fun and funny guy … and then it is my Instagram, I can post whatever I want.”

He states, that he liked the video and didn’t see any problem with posting it for his fans to see. Only until, someone responded with a negative comment, on the post which led him to reply to it and many others.

Mr Seed, Nimo
Mr Seed, Nimo

He continues to respond to the query about the hate he receives from his social media platforms regarding his relationship with his gorgeous girlfriend.

” On Facebook, they post on my wall everyday saying, you ugly guy what are you doing with a beautiful girl, every time I post a photo with her.”

However, Mr Seed seems to have taken it up positively as he giggles and adds;

” But it’s good they talk about me, it shows I’m relevant in their lives.”

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