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‘Msituibie’: Safaricom Confuses Kenyans After Post in Shembeteng Language



A Kenyan took to social media to ask a question about sim card replacement from Safaricom. He used the new language called Shembeteng.

“Hi Safarimbiticom, nimbitiko na shimbitida kidombotogo. Mtu akitambataka kureplambatace simcard huembetenda wambatapi?” Ray Rash.

One would have expected that the Safaricom social media admin would have ignored the question.

However, he got his answer and not in any other language but Shembeteng.

“Embetende dumbutuka yoyombotote yembetetu na ID yambatako Ray,” MZ replied.

The response set the internet ablaze.

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While many made fun of the reply, others argued that it was not professional for the telecommunication giant to use a language many people are struggling to understand.


John Gicharu: “Safaricom Plc wameweza.”

Shizna Ogamba: “Shembeteng we are rolling. Happy Saturday.”

Ngure Brenda: “I’m just getting a headache reading this new language.”

Rhoda Ojwang: “What the hell is this?”

CK Unique: That Shembeteng master should be sued for causing mental disturbance.”

Andrew Nzai: “A giant Telco company has joined the Shembeteng stuff. I’m on my way out.”

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