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Multibillion syndicate at Kura – Weekly Citizen




Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has been petitioned to investigate the manner in which Kenya Urban Rural Authority favoured in awarding a construction firm named Stecol Corporation to do works in Nairobi, Kajiado and Kiambu counties.

According to sources within Kura and the road construction industry, three counties will consume Sh19.20 billion.

Documents in our possession reveal that the controversial road tender award has been clustered into Kasarani-Mwiki-Njiru road, Kingara/James Gichuru Road, Limuru road, Red Hill road, Juja Farm road and Kajiado town to the bypass.

What has surprised industry players is the fact that the same Stecol Corporation has been involved in upgrading of Outering Road. It has also been mentioned in the construction of a bridge at AllSops that will join Outering Road and Thika Superhighway.

Weekly Citizen has information to the effect that Stecol was awarded most of the contracts in the so-called regeneration of 38 roads in Nairobi Eastlands.

Already, insiders within Kura claim that the plot was hatched to milk the Ruaraka overpass project by extending, the project duration and inflate bills.

The project was supposed to be ready by July 18 2019 but has been extended for next two months although the authority claims it is a month.

Key masterminds in Kura road deals with Stecol, a Chinese firm, are Ahmed Mohammed, acting director urban road development and Daniel Muchiri, the acting director urban roads, planning and design.

Engineer Mohammed and Engineer Muchiri are being blamed for the current mess at Ruaraka overpass.


This month, Mohammed and Muchiri were instrumental in the release of a statement that did not give the date when the controversial project will be completed further raising eyebrows.

According to our source within Kura, Mohammed and Muchiri feature prominently in the controversial Nairobi Industrial Area road project that was awarded to a Nigerian firm Regnolds Construction Company (RCC).

The works involved Enterprise-Likoni road junction. For over five years, the project had stalled until recently when works resumed.

Documents we have reveal that the project is part of Sh4.26 billion Eastern missing link roads. We also have information that Kura officials colluded with rogue European Union (EU) officials to front RCC.

An informed source says that RCC won the lucrative tender despite the fact that it had not done any road project in Kenya.

To favour RCC, the crooked EU officials and a section from Kura had been compromised by SBI International based in Switzerland. RCC is said to be a partner with SBI.

What surprised many is the fact that the Nigeria firm had been paid upfront for the project by Kura.

EU had given a grant of Sh3.4 billion to upgrade 16 kilometres roads in Industrial Area. Kura cartel are said to have been bribed by RCC directors to facilitate payments.

A source at EU we talked to revealed that they are investigating why Kura decided to pay upfront for the project that has not been completed and if a section of their staff are linked to the scandal.

Mohammed is also linked to controversy surrounding multibillion bypass project in Meru town coasting Sh2.9 billion. Together with Abdul Rashid of Kura, they have allegedly been receiving kickbacks from the contractor.

Back to Stecol project in the three counties, sources reveal that the costs have been inflated since the same firm, apart from construction works, will also undertake design that involves dualing, environmental and socio-economic feasibility studies. The contractor is to finance, implement and maintain the road for eight years.

According to our sources, the contractor has been given a blank cheque on the said project as he influences almost each and every division in the project with Kura without an independent entity to oversee it.

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