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‘My arms are ugly’ Anerlisa Muigai openly talks about her insecurity



Anerlisa Muigai has made a huge effort to lose excess weight and now she wants to help her fans do it too.

She has been mentioning that she is starting a weight loss programme and she says it will only cost you sh 3000/= which if you ask me is waaay cheaper, compared to many other weight loss programmes.

In as much as she shed the extra weight, Anerlisa still has a few insecurities like any other human being. A while back, she was trolled after she posted a picture where her lower arm was quite visible. People started trolling her with so many mean comments but she never addressed them.

During Anerlisa’s QnA weekly segment, a follower asked her why she does not wear sleeveless dresses:

I want to see you in a sleeveless dress you are cute

Anerlisa Muigai/ Instagram

Now that it was brought up, it also got me thinking why she never rocks a sleeveless dress yet when she was bigger she actually did. That is when she opened up about her insecurity. She said:

never because my arms are ugly and I do not want to give you something to talk about

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Very rare to see Anerlisa address such issues but this time she decided to be real. So I guess she tried as much as possible to help those men and women who beat themselves up because of various body insecurities. We all have one.

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