‘Nilikua mtu wa mkono,’ says MC Jessy when he used to roll Nameless dreads

MC Jessy used to do Nameless’ hair before he got into comedy. Jessy revealed how Nameless used to help him with clothes to wear.

“Today I just want to appreciate one person who has seen every step of my life. At one point of my life when I had 2-3 t-shirts to wear,this man @namelesskenya allowed me to raid his closet and pick anything I wanted. I used to be mtu wa mkono for this good friend of mine Juvinaris Chalo (extreme left). We used to go and roll dredi za Nameless and that’s where we knew each other. If there’s one generous family I have come across is the Mathenges. @wahukagwi I still miss zile tumbikiza zako 😂Thank you for believing in me. Full interview on our YouTube channel JESSY JUNCTION.”


In a past exclusive interview with Mpasho.co.ke, MC Jessy came out to say that he had been selling mandazis before venturing into other hustles and later making it in the comedy industry.

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