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NTV’s Amina Abdi Gets Sad While on Air as Kenyans Bully For Being Toxic to Male Colleagues



Media personality Amina Abdi Rabar alongside several female presenters has been on Twitter trends for three consecutive days for all the bad reasons.

They are accused of harassing and bullying colleagues, especially males, because of being senior in the pecking order or being too close to their male bosses.

While The Trend show yesterday on NTV, Amina came under fire from netizens over the allegations.

The show has different segments and one of them discusses topical issues throughout the week. As a result, she and her panelists could not have avoided the bashing of some media celebrities.

In her defence, the former Capital FM breakfast show host expressed that she was not happy for being put on the chopping board with baseless allegations.

She accused social media users of hitting her below the belt by making outrageous claims while insisting that she has always been kind to her workmates be it, males or females.

However, she apologised to anyone who may have felt that she was rude towards them.

“This week has not ended well for me and some of the names in the industry. It is very unfortunate that my name was dragged and polled among some people faulted for being toxic colleagues.

“If there anyone out there whom I have ever encountered and felt like I was mean or I didn’t give them the kind of reception they had expected, that I apologise for. But toxic I am not and I do show people a lot of love,” she said.

The apology was published on NTV’s Twitter handle but deleted minutes later after netizens bombarded the comments section with accusations that the station of trying to sanitise its employee. But even after the was clip was removed, some Kenyans had downloaded it and re-uploaded it.

The unsympathetic KoT (Kenyans on Twitter) The Trend’s hashtags to troll Amina.

Have a look at some of these reactions we have highlighted for you:

Ken Agwambo: “Maybe Amina bullied NTV to delete that apology tweet.”

Moses Nyagah: “Amina looks so uncomfortable on today’s show. She can try to hide it, but we can see it.”

Hezbon Mureithi: “Amina looks as guilty as charged. Even her panel looks quite intimidated to talk about the serious allegations of being toxic.”

Okeyo Seith: “The panelists are trying to gaslight Amina and deep down they know what she did is wrong. Stand up for the right thing.”

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