ODM protests to Standard media over erroneous reporting

The Standard Newspaper has today (Tuesday 20/11/2018) published a story on the purported findings of the party’s Disciplinary Committee which has been handling the matter touching on rebel members who include two sitting Members of Parliament and who were summoned to appear before the Committee to show cause why they should not be disciplined for their gross misconduct.

The party wishes to categorically clarify that the process of disciplining errant party members does not lie in the hands of the Party Leader as reported by the author of the story. The disciplinary committee only makes recommendations to the National Executive Committee which the Party Leader is a member for a decision to be made.

Therefore it is indecorous and incorrect for the writer to claim that the decision on recommendations by the disciplinary committee can singly be made by the party leader without the involvement of the relevant organ of the party as required by the constitution.

The disciplinary committee has not finalized its report and once they do, it will be presented to the NEC for action based on the recommendations. Therefore the story is speculative, incorrect and fabricated and should be ignored by all.
Philip Etale
Director of Communications
20th Nov. 2018.

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By Kenyan Digest

The Kenyan Digest Team