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Omosh spotted drunk days after admitting he misused millions



Omosh Drunk Video: Actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has been spotted drunk like a skunk days after admitting that he has gone broke after misusing the millions of money Kenyans donated to him in April.

In a video that is doing rounds on social media, Omosh is seen drunk and dirty, struggling to walk. A good Samaritan helps him into a residential plot.

His addiction was first highlighted by blogger Robert Alai who castigated celebrities who said they had helped the popular actor. According to Alai, the hep Omosh needed the most was rehabilitation, and not money.

“So you people didn’t investigate why Kinuthia aka Omosh couldn’t have money despite having a big name but gave him money and you expected to solve the problem? You are like those relatives who thinks that the solution to every relative’s problem or misery is money. Know the problem then solve it. You can’t pour money on filth, misery and drug abuse then expect to solve the problem. Kinuthia has a serious addiction so no amount of money will help him. Sort his drug addiction first,” said Alai.

Here is the full Omosh drunk video:

The actor had gone on Tv to say that he was broke despite having received millions of money in donations.

“kusema tuu ukweli nilishika less than one million, kuna watu walipledge ma doh na hakuna kitu walitupa. Nyumba ilikuwa nimekaa mwaka na miezi nne sijalipa rent. Mimi naweza taka ninunuliwe tuu ka camera, tripod, tu lights tuwili na microphone halafu sasa niwache. Madeni zilikuwa zinanipea stress ndio maana sikupiga hiyo hesabu na ile doh nilipata (I received less than one million, there are some people who pledged but didn’t deliver. I would request a well-wisher to help me get a camera, tripod, lights, and a microphone), he said.”

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