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Otile Brown shows off his new Ethiopian ‘bae’ in a sensual video



Otile Brown is currently in Ethiopia and while there he got cosy with a beautiful Ethiopian bae. He did not hesitate showing her off on his social media.

The mystery babe is hot AF. They are filmed dancing sensually together as Otile blows smoke from his mouth.

Well, Otile has finally opened up during an interview with Campus Capital saying the pick line that attracted Vera to him was:

I looked into her eyes and told her you’re the most beautiful thing I have seen.

This is the line he used before he leaned in and gave Vera Sidika a deep first kiss.

Despite his toxic back and forth with his now ex, Vera, Otile seems to still have hardcore female fans who will do anything for him.

He even showered his fans and haters – a like – with love saying:

“To those on the comment section, I just want y’all to know i got nothing but love for y’all,” Otile said.

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One in particular is Giselle Reyna who penned his a long comment. It read in part:

“I always see your international posts, I always thank ALMIGHTY GOD for hearing my prayers since I always include you in my daily basis prayers. And yes, indeed He is the only promise keeper by answering my prayers always.”

She added, “Nevertheless, I wish you could be beside me and hear my heartbeat popping mbobastically fast and my sophisticated eyes crying into tears of joy (Sic) which I can’t believe my eyes since blessings is following you every year just only with my daily prayers.”

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Giselle continued, “I hope you beloved parents are happy, watching you from above on how you had gone through so many obstacles but continuing to grind twice hard and now you are enjoying your success.”

That said, check out the video of Otile and the smoooooking hot mystery lass.

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