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Pathologist: Baby Pendo died due to internal bleeding




The six-month-old infant who died due to police brutality in Kisumu suffered severe injuries to the head, it has been established.

A post-mortem on Thursday revealed that Samantha Pendo, also known as Baby Pendo, suffered an open cracked scalp with deep head injuries in the attack.


According to Government Consultant Pathologist Dickson Mchana, the baby died due internal bleeding.

“Actually it was bad. The baby had gaping head fractures (and) that is what kept her alive. When the scalp opens it relives pressure, otherwise if it would have been enclosed the baby would have died immediately,” said Dr Mchana.

The autopsy was conducted at the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu.


Officials from Independent Policing Oversight Authority, family spokesman’s Amos Pambu, Aga Khan Hospital Residential Pathologist Simon Osongo and Medical superintendent Sam Oula were present.


Dr Oula earlier said that infant was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition but did not survive.

“There were small pockets of bleeding inside the brain that made the child slip in a coma. She sustained serious head injuries that led to internal bleeding,” said Dr Oula.

Baby Pendo was a victim of the brutal force that anti-riot police unleashed on demonstrators who protested presidential results announced on Friday.

Her parents were hit on the head by the police officers who stormed their house in Nyalenda after they refused to open the door out of fear.

According to her mother, Lancer Achieng, two officers broke the door and hit her before the third beat and knocked her to the ground.


“It all started at 1am when police stormed our house. They beat me on the legs and arms. I was carrying the baby in my arms, they hit her with a club on the head” said Ms Achieng.

She added: “When the police left, we took the baby to Oasis Hospital in Nyalenda but they could not handle her case. We, therefore, rushed to Aga Khan Hospital.”

Ms Achieng said that the baby developed a swelling on the head after the attack.

Her husband said anti-riot police had threatened to break into the house and shoot them.

Kenyans and rights groups have condemned the police brutality and demanded justice for Baby Pendo.