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Police Arrest Ambira boys over exam cheating tease while election thieves are rewarded



By Gab Og

You see those Ambira High School students?

They are our sons. They have gone through four years of panel-beating. They are the graduating class of 2018. The best that school could offer this year. The pride of their parents and community around that area.

You could choose to look at their behavior from the prism of a purist. You will see boys who were not raised well. Boys who have no sense of occasion. Boys who belong at the bottom of the sewer tank. Boys who should be rounded down and be given a dog’s beating.

But you could also choose to look at them from the viewpoint of a relativist. You will see adolescent kids struggling to make sense of their world in a country that has no morals. You will see boys struggling to be men in a country that has Mike Sonko and William Ruto as their role models.

If you choose to interpret the behavior of those Ambira High School boys, and place it in the context of their country’s leadership, you will see a government that jails exam cheats but rewards election thieves. You will see boys struggling to understand why they would be punished for burning books when others have gone scot-free for burning disabled grandmothers seeking shelter in a church. You will also see young boys struggling to understand why politicians who use ‘kumanina zenu’ and ‘shoga wewe’ as their default political lingo would be rewarded with high leadership positions when young boys who do the same are being asked to kneel down and speak to the cops.

My name is Gabriel Oguda. And I don’t support hypocrisy.

very much interested to hear what Hon Moses Kuria, Hon Duale, Hon David Sankok, Hon Mike Sonko, Hon Muthama, Hon Babu Owino, Hon Sudi, DP Ruto (he insulted Prof Longangapuo and senator Gideoon Moi) will say regarding the Ambira boys insults. Uhuru has pronounced himself !
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