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Police warn of return of daytime muggers in Nairobi



Police have released the photos of three suspected criminals whom they say are involved in daytime muggings in the streets of Nairobi.

The police said the suspects mainly waylay unsuspecting victims soon after they withdraw cash from banks and ATMs.

The law enforcers said the group is led by one Godfrey Sangare Ambani.

“Ambani was arrested by our officers on October 19 after being captured on CCTV robbing a man shortly after he had stepped out of a bank, but he was released on cash bail,” the police said in a tweet.

They said no mugging incident was reported for the entire period Ambani was in custody, but the series of muggings returned soon after he was released on bail.

“We call upon members of the public to immediately alert the police should they spot him or get robbed on the streets,” the cops said.

In January this year, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko formed an anti-mugging squad following an upsurge of daytime street muggings in the city.

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The county’s security department at the time marked Temple and Hakati roads and Moi and Haile Selassie Avenues as the hot spots for the muggings.

Other areas also cited then as hotspots were OTC – Racecourse road, Uyoma road near St Peter’s Clevers Church and the junction of Ronald Ngala and Racecourse roads towards River road.

The thieves were also accused of causing injuries to victims other than snatching their phones, watches, laptops, handbags, fancy spectacles, earrings and chains.

The rampant muggings ignited a fierce crackdown and eventual banning of bodabodas from within the CBD.

City Inspectorate director of operations Peter Mbaya said the criminals were using the boda bodas to get away from scenes of crime.

Sonko later claimed the youths involved in the muggings had been hired by his political rivals to portray him as a failure.

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