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Prissss, resign! Jacque Maribe calls out prosecutor



Citizen TV Journalist Jacque Maribe wants state prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki to be disqualified from prosecuting her murder case.

In an application filed in court, Jacque claims Mwaniki failed to ensure that she is supplied with all the relevant documents and statements that will be used in her trial.

Jacque says that the DPP has violated her rights in the case by failing to comply with court orders issued by the court.

She further wants the court to compel the prosecution to furnish her with all the documents that will be used in the trial.

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In a case filed in court through her lawyer, Jacque says she has not been supplied with documents and material that will be used in the murder case against her and her then fiance Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu.

She also wants the state to surrender back her house and car that are still being held by the police.

“THAT the Respondents jointly and or severally handover to the Applicant her house, the rental house situated at Royal Park, Langata Estate Nairobi within 24 hours of the court’s orders, taken over and held exclusively by the DCI and DPP since 22nd September 2018,” the application reads.

Through lawyer Katwa Kigen, Jacque further wants the DPP to be held in contempt of court for failing to supply her with the documents and witness statements after the deadline set by the court.

“DPP and his lead Representative in the proceedings be jointly and severally held in contempt of court made on November 30,” the document reads.

Katwa says that despite explicit court orders, the prosecution has not been supplied her with the documents and statements.

“No known good reason exists for the breach of the court orders and the fundamental freedoms and rights.”

Katwa says up until now,Jacque has not received even the modest measure of courtesy of a reply to her letters that she has written requesting for statements.

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Jacque MaribeThe defense argue that the prosecution might be unwilling to supply the materials because the materials show no culpable evidence against Jacque.

Jacque was charged alongside Jowie with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

They denied the charge and she was released on Sh 1 Million bail while Justice James Wakiaga denied Irungu bail.

Last week, Jowie filed an application for Judge Wakiaga to disqualify himself from the case arguing that he was bias and judged him harshly by calling him a ‘woman eater’

The case will be mentioned later today.

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