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Progress! Githeri man gets another recognition by Uhuru Kenyatta



Martin Kamotho, popularly known as Githeri Man has made it to the headlines again.

He made headlines the first time when he created some comic relief during the first round of what was a tense election. Of course, we are aware the queues during elections are very long but Martin decided he will not queue in hunger.


The picture of him went viral to a point his name changed to Githeri man. With that, he got to meet the president after being awarded a state commendation back in 2017.

But later on, it became a concern that he was deep into alcohol to a point he needed rehabilitation and Kiambu Woman rep with the help of the president took initiative and signed him up for rehab at Mama Care Rehabilitation Centre in Wangunyu Primary School, Kiambu County.

Martin Kamotho aka Githeri man was among 77 people who received certificates from President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday during the graduation of the recovering alcoholics after they successfully completed a nine-month rehabilitation programme.

President Kenyatta urged the recovering alcoholics to be ambassadors in the war against illicit alcohol. He also urged them to hurry and get married so that they would start families.

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The president also commended Kiambu women rep Gathoni Wa Muchomba saying:

This is a good project that needs to be emulated countrywide. We have all witnessed where the monies given to women reps are going


During the rehabilitation, the men were trained to be tailors, carpenters, and caterers to provide them with a source of income.

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