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PS Kibicho hand in Waiguru impeachment threat – Weekly Citizen




Powerful principal secretary Karanja Kibicho’s hand is seen in a recent move by Kirinyaga county assembly to pass a resolution demanding the release of the title deed to Kemri land for construction of teaching, research and referral medical centre.

Kibicho has been using the Kemri land saga to engage Governor Anne Waiguru as he lays ground to go for governorship 2022.

At the same time, MCAs have demanded the county releases Sh70 million they allocated for the bursary kitty before the end of this financial year.

Through majority leader, Kamau Murango, the MCAs claimed the 100-acre land wrangling should be resolved immediately to enable Kemri proceed with the expansion project.


“We are giving Governor Waiguru one week to hand over the title deed unconditionally or else we will set off a motion to impeach her,” Murango said.

Murango said it is no longer business as usual and added that though as a leader of the majority he is supposed to support the county government agenda, the issue of Kemri land must be resolved for the project to continue.

He said they were disappointed as the county assembly to learn that the county government through their lawyer recently frustrated the efforts of a petitioner who filed a notice to withdraw a case that stopped the progress of the Kemri project in Mwea.

He said the governor’s reason that she cannot release the title deed without an agreement with Kemri is not reason enough to stall the project.

Mutithi ward MCA Baptista Kanga in whose ward the centre is being put up, said the county government needed the use of force to make them hand over the title deed to Kemri.

Kanga said during his recent visit to Kirinyaga, Uhuru Kenyatta had directed the governor to have the issue of Kemri land resolved with immediate effect to save the project from further delays.

The county government made some undisclosed demands for Kemri before the institution could be issued with the title deed that led to the stalling of the project.


Kemri had even spent Sh60 million in erecting a perimeter wall on the 100-acre land after the then area governor Joseph Ndathi showed its senior officials the extent of the land.

The ultra-modern teaching, research and referral medical centre was intended to serve Central, Eastern and North Eastern region residents with specialised treatment once the facility is in place.

The centre when operational will comprise a postgraduate university research centre, a hospital and state-of-the art diagnostic laboratory.


Records from Kemri have it that the university wing will be admitting post-graduate students in various disciplines and will also have room for doctorate (PhD) students.

Kanga said the hospital will be among the Vision 2030 flagship projects and added that the residents within the expansive catchment area have every reason to be happy.

The ward representative also said the presence of Kemri in the region and with a project of such magnitude would spur social economic growth for the good of the people.

Meanwhile, a petitioner has claimed in court that his life is in danger after he submitted an application to withdraw a case he had filled against the establishment of the health facility in Mwea.

Leonard Kuria, shocked the Kerugoya Environment and Land Court when he stood up and claimed he was not sure of his safety between when the matter will come up for ruling of his application and further direction.

The matter which was coming for hearing took the new dimension when the lawyer, Paul Nyamodi, defending the Kirinyaga county government in the case, informed the court that he had not been served with the said application by the petitioner.

Equally, the Kemri lawyer Wilfred Lusi said he had learnt of the said application after being served by the petitioner when he arrived in the court that morning.

Nyamodi, while opposing the application, informed the court he was opposed to it since it was not a civil but a constitutional one under the Mutunga rules.

Lusi on the other hand urged the court to discharge the conservatory orders earlier on the applicant had been granted in order to allow a contractor back to the site of the Sh15 billion projects situated on a 100 acre land at Wamumu village.

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