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RailaUhuru Handshake In a Peasant Mind’s Eyes.



By Oginga Randiki

Handshake In a Peasant Mind’s Eyes.

1. Raila-Uhuru handshake is an unthinkable act to set the mind spinning

2. The handshake is like entering a time machine

3. The particular grisliness handshake gives the 2022 presidential hopefuls is a strikingly eerie characters.

4. The impacts of the handshake remains the most tangible and striking symbol in the continent of Africa.

5. Passing from the Pre-handshake era to post handshake era Kenyans feel like taking part in some giant sociopath-economic experiment.

6. The there is tremendous improvement in war against corruption

7. Kenyans no longer has the beleaguered slightly makeshift feel which result from being permanently surrounded by murderers, lords of graft, thieves, frauds, tribalists, kick back takers,and drug barons.

8. There is High expectation that bracing the handshake air could possibly be the end of electoral injustice being the barometer of ethnic tensions

9. The goose-stepping of the handshake by the beneficiaries of graft and electoral injustice has only caused excessive damage to Team Tanga Tanga.

10. The common Mwananchi is a ring side witness of historic change which has left a lasting impression.

11. The positive elements of the handshake far outweigh the negative ones.

12. The common Mwananchi on the whole did not take umbrage rather they were touched by the two leaders sincerity and moved by the effort to unite the nation.

13. No objections came from the other principal Churches, Mosques, Temples in Kenya against the handshake.

14. The only rejection of the handshake is by the Democratic Republic of Congo maize farmers.

15. There is visible improved Relations amongst diverse ethnic compositions in Kenya.

16. Opposition has given valuable support to the government Big 4 Agenda.

17. The government has embraced Opposition Big 5 agenda e.g graft, tribalism, devolution, inequality and electoral injustice.

18. The handshake did reveal that President Uhuru and Prime Minister Raila individual strength is their patriotism.

19. The Kenyatta-Odinga strained Relationship which has hung like a shadow over Kenya is on the road to a solution

20. There is astonishingly smooth transition to democracy

21. Many many Kenyans witnessed the transition from such a pivotal position honestly and support it.

22. The big doubt in most Kenyans’ mind eye is whether Deputy President and his supporters share the popular desire for a clean break with the past.

23. The secret of success is that Kenyans have found a new loyalty and allegiance in the Handshake.

24. Tribalism, corruption, lust for power and manipulation of electoral injustice are the origins of all the troubles Kenyans have had since 1966.

25. The handshake regime is real and is almost miracle.

26. The only serious hiccup is Team Tanga Tanga with fewer committed handshake’s enthusiasts.

27. Handshake could be the beginning of the end of political life of the beneficiaries of tribalism, electoral injustice and graft.

28. Musalia Mudavadi cannot continue to parade fiction that he is hoist on his own petard.

29. Mudavadi is yet to realize that the problems he envisages don’t exist and Kenyans are now seeing a snowball effect.

30. #Obadhaeango#

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