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A row is simmering at the Nyamira county assembly after MCAs allied to Nasa ousted their majority leader Duke Oyagi last week.

In a swift move that was endorsed by 11 MCAs out of the 21 required for the removal of leader of executive business in the assembly, the ward reps cited dishonesty and abuse of his office as major misdoings that prompted the removal.

As the new year dawned in Nyamira, the Nasa MCAs were busy laying course for the impeachment of Oyagi whom they replaced with Nyamaiya MCA Raban Masira who was also serving on the seat during the previous house.

They said the ousted leader was busy promoting his self-interests at the expense of his colleagues.

Among the accusations are claims that he used the name of MCAs to solicit unspecified amounts of cash from both the county executive and national government officials, monies which they were never given.

They also accused him of not sharing monies that were given to him on behalf of all the 35 ward reps for official functions to Bomet and Mombasa counties on separate occasions.

They also accused him of deliberately delaying the processes of vetting chief officers who were nominated by executive.

“We need a house leadership of integrity and honesty. We have tried to put up with the misdoings which have prompted our action but its not proper for an assembly of laws and order to tolerate such misdoings,” Kiabonyoru MCA Duke Omoti said.

In a letter dated January 2 2020 and addressed to speaker Moffat Teya and signed by deputy majority whip Lilian Nyamweya, the MCAs wrote: “We notify your office as Nasa coalition that changes have been made in the office of leader of majority. We hereby reference to outgoing Duke Oyagi and incoming Raban Masira as our new leader of majority. Kindly make necessary arrangements to this effect to enhance on service delivery for the party and for the Nyamira county citizens.”

However, Oyagi said he had no knowledge of the letter which already has been received by the offices of the speaker and that of the assembly clerk.


“Any business concerning the assembly and its leadership can only be valid while the house is on session and the matters communicated by the speaker. But so far, I am not aware of any communication and I am treating anything of the sort as rumour,” Oyagi said.

Outgoing Majority leader Duke Masira (left), his Bogichora Ward counterpart George Morara and the new majority leader who is Nyamaiya Ward MCA Raban Masira recently vetting County Chief Officers.

Oyagi vehemently denied all accusation which the MCAs were leveling on him and accused them of blackmail.

Such was the standoff that saw Omoti ousted from the seat of deputy speaker and replaced by Robinson Mocheche (Bonyamatuta).

In another turn of events Nyamira county assembly majority chief whip Alfayo Ngeresa has dismissed the purported meeting of members of the county assembly which ousted the leader of the majority.

Ngeresa retaliated that as the chief whip, he was the one entitled to make any communication to the speaker pertaining any meeting meant to bring changes in the majority leader’s office and therefore the communications which was done by his deputy Lilian Nyamweya to the speaker and the clerks office were null and void.

The MCAs are fighting over bribes which they are given by the county executive committee members in a bid to protect them.

Weekly Citizen has also established that the MCAs three weeks ago failed to pass the supplementary budget because the county executive had refused to give in to their demand of Sh10m before passing the budget

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