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Safaricom Owes an Explanation to its Customers for Inconsistent Home Fibre Services



I am a customer of Safaricom’s ever-growing Home Fibre product, which has, until to date, been hugely reliable. The service is insanely popular among its customers in Nairobi and Central Kenya for one key reason: reliability. Lately, however, the number of people who have been subject to poor service has grown, and according to the complaints seen on social media platforms, the issues surrounding Home Fibre are not isolated cases.

What happened to concurrent downloads and web sessions?

To begin with, I have a 10 Mbps subscription, which should serve me just for my undemanding tasks. Most of my media consumption happens online, which means I hardly download big media files unless it is absolutely necessary. However, the ease of browsing and downloading files, large or otherwise appears to have been affected for some time now. This implies that if you are saving a file from the internet, you are neither going to open any new tabs nor refresh existing ones seamlessly.

I actually learned of this issue from a friend before putting it to test. It is true, and I just ran another test a couple of minutes ago. It should be noted that downloads hit their normal speeds based on my plan, but what is puzzling is why I cannot access other services as I used to in the past. A couple of other users have reported the same behaviour, which is a worrying trend, to say the least.

Poor connection on multiple devices

This has been a concern for me for near two months now, and I even moved my router to a new spot expecting different results; the connection is still below par. For context, I do have less than five devices, sometimes three or less connected to the router at any given time. Of course, that is a small number, which should be fine because my connection can handle more devices without putting a strain on the available bandwidth. Well, I have had problems: say media is streaming on my television and my computer; I can’t perform the same action, say check a YouTube video or perform any other action on my phone without experiencing slow connections. This was never the case in the past. The issue is also related to the first case, where an action, say a download in once device affects the speed of the other. Not cool at all.

Frequent drops and generally slow speeds

On several occasions, users, some of who use their Home Fibre regularly (browsing, YouTube, occasional streaming and so forth) have reported weak connections that last into days. That is unusual for a service that is associated with consistency, and the primary reason people subscribe to it is that Safaricom has made a name for itself by offering robust services. It is, therefore, a little disheartening when customers invest their funds and energy (I know a lot of people who have had to relocate to areas served by Home Fibre) only to be served by mediocre experiences that have since been relegated to competitors.

New developments

It should be noted that these painful experiences have only been identified by consumers. The telco has not said anything about it, nor has it announced any revisions regarding the product’s offerings. A little more honesty and communication go a long way in addressing most of the raised concerns, and the ordinary ‘send us your number for further assistance’ or ‘check your speeds using Ookla’ responses on Twitter do not help at all. In fact, what makes the affected groups angrier is the effect of the Financial Act 2018 that saw a significant jump in the fees set aside for their fibre needs (the telco is running giving users an 18% discount until Dec 12). The increase in monthly billing gives us the right to demand more from the Home Fibre team that has the ability to innovate and create a more favourable consumer climate when using the service.

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