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Sapit keeps politicos out of the pulpit



Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit. [David Njaaga, Standard]

Good morning, Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit.

I heard your sermon last weekend, decreeing that politicians would not be allowed to address congregants in the Anglican Church.

Your assertion that the church is a place for spiritual nourishment was very appropriate. I suspect you must be aware of folks who don’t close their eyes when others pray.

My old school head, Mr Kaib (may he rest in peace), used to be on the lookout for such cheekiness and summon offenders to his office, which was known as Beat-House, from the rapid sounds of his cane.

Nobody, of course, ever asked him why he did not shut his own eyes as we prayed.

Anyway, I was on those folks who keep their eyes open as the church prays, perhaps to prey on the prayerful. I wonder if you are able to censure such characters, as their mission to church is seldom spiritual nourishment.

My other query relates to the duration of your ban. Should it hold for the duration of the 2022 political campaigns, or are politicians banned from your church, kabisa?

This relates to yet another concern. The church has hosted the homeless and those displaced from their homes in the past, usually stemming from political strife.

Would it not be fair to let politicians hear what such displaced people have to say about their condition?

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