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Scene as Nairobi Man Finds Sidechick Cheating on Him, Sweeps Everything He’d Bought For Her



Drama unfolded in Embakasi, Nairobi City this afternoon when a man decided to visit her girlfriend without alerting her.

Charles Oduor is a married man, but he has a sidechick.

Now, when he arrived at her lover’s house, she was welcomed by a man’s shoes at the door.

Upon entering, she found the woman in a compromising position with her other boyfriend. In other words, his sidechick has been cheating on him and he felt betrayed though that’s what he has been doing to his wife.

He became furious and tried to attack them. However, she alarmed the neighbours and he was stopped before causing any harm.

However, he did not just leave.

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He disconnected the a 32-inch TV set and a subwoofer he had bought for the lady, put them on his shoulder and left.

Kenyans had a lot of say about the incident and here are some of the comments.

Royal Sam: “A relationship built on lies and cheating will not last forever but a relationship built on faithfulness will not even start.”

Mary Kahawa: “It’s good he picked what is his and left without doing any harm.”

Annitah Njeri: “That’s why I will never allow a man who is not my husband pay my rent or buy me gifts to avoid such dramas.”

Zippy Sonni: “The prayers of Oduor’s goat wife have been answered. I’m sure she has been going to Katoloni to pray and God answered in a mighty way.”

Mary Gathogo: “This life no balance. How will he explain to his wife where he got a TV set and a subwoofer?”

Karis Brown: “His goat wife is a very prayerful woman.”

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