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Second man shot in Meru in a month ‘for threatening cops with panga’



A man was shot by a police officer on Wednesday night at Mulika market in Tigania East, Meru county.

This is the second time in a month that another shooting has occurred in the area.

In the first incident, residents alleged the man had a domestic quarrel with his wife and the police were alerted to help solve the dispute.

Neighbour Charles Mutwiri said when the police arrived, the man stormed out of his house armed with a panga and threatened to slash the officers.

One officer shot the man, only identified as Kinyua, on the leg and head.

The man was taken away and residents said they had no information on his whereabouts.

Tigania East police boss Samuel Kosgei said the man was shot on the leg. He said Kinyua was treated at a hospital in Mulika and discharged.

Chief Joseph Kiriamana said Kinyua was only shot to destabilise him. He said he had not died of his injuries as some people had claimed.

“He was shot in between the toe and knees. He is in a bandage. He is in the police cells,” the chief said.

A month ago, a 28-year-old man from Kiguma village was shot dead by an AP officer.

Kaaria Murungi, who was shot in the stomach, succumbed to his injuries as he was being taken to the hospital.

Meru police boss David Kirui told the Star that two officers went to arrest the suspect early in the morning but he charged at them and attempted to slash them.

“Two officers went to arrest the man over a case of reported theft. I’m told he had borrowed somebody’s money and left his phone which was to be returned after the cash is returned. However, he went to demand the phone before he had repaid the cash,” Kirui said.

But chief Josiah Mutuma gave a different story.

He said there was confusion after a phone charging dealer, Japhet Kirimi alias Muilio, gave Murungi the wrong phone.

“He had taken his phone for charging. Another customer, who shared the same name, had also taken his phone for charging. Both phones were labelled Kaaria,” Mutuma said.

“The complainant reported to police who pursued Murungi. I was not at the scene, but my assistant chief was there.”

Mutuma said he was informed that the deceased had given out the phone, but police claim he came out of his house with a panga and threatened them.

“So, I can’t say what transpired that led to him to being shot,” the chief said.

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