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Self-confessed Ruiru serial killer admits to attending victims’ funerals



The 29-year-old suspect was arrested this morning after he attacked another woman on last night at Watalaam slums in Ruiru. [iStockphoto]

Detectives in Ruiru have arrested a suspected serial killer who has been on the run for the last two years.
In a bizzare confession to the police, the suspect claimed to have killed at least three women and attended the burials of his victims.
The 29-year-old suspect was arrested this morning after he attacked another woman on last night at Watalaam slums in Ruiru.
He is said to have confessed to committing the murders on various dates since last year, and told detectives that he first defiled his victims before strangling them.
Ruiru DCIO Justus Ombati said the suspect mostly attacks light skinned women within the slums in the wee hours of the morning when they go out to answer to a call of nature. After pouncing on them, he would gag and drag them to secluded areas where he defiled and strangled them.
According to Ruiru OCPD Cecilia Kemboi, police launched a manhunt for suspects after bodies of three victims were retrieved from various places in the Ruiru area. All victims were killed in a similar manner.
The suspect who lives with his parents was spotted within the slum by members of the public who alerted the police.
The Ruiru police boss said the suspect has been on their radar for the last two years.
It wasn’t until today morning that police got reliable intelligence on the suspect’s hideout in Watamu slums, Ruiru.
“We got a tipoff from the public on where the suspects were hiding and managed to arrest the serial killer but believed there are more accomplices still at large,” Ruiru DCIO Ombati said.
“The suspect has confessed to being involved in various assaults, rape and killings dating back to two years ago,” he added.
Police later arrested four other people. Two of them are believed to be the suspect’s accomplices, while the others were found in possession of a phone stolen from one of the victims.
According to police, the suspected serial killer has been posing as an electrician walking around with a bag that contained a hammer and electrical equipment believed to be part of his weapons.
Ombati also added that the suspect confessed that ‘he is possessed by the lure of spilling human blood’ and there are “evil spirits” that speak to him urging him to murder more victims.
More bizzare to this incident is that the suspect has been attending the funerals of his victims unnoticed.
“In his confession, he admitted that he is normally at the scene of crime whenever police come to collect the bodies of the victim,” said an officer privy to investigation.
The latest victims that the suspect attacked on Wednesday night is recuperating at Kenyatta National Hospital.
During the arrest the suspect was found in possession of womens’ underwear in his bag.
The five suspects are expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow (Friday).
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