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Sendy launches its B2B logistics business in Uganda



In line with its vision to be the preferred delivery partner for Africa, Sendy has launched in Uganda in a move expected to help the firm grow its market share and build up its volumes as it looks at its next phase of growth.

Sendy should have launched in Uganda aeons ago but it struggled with its model in Kenya and kept trying to be an Uber for almost everything. However, unlike passenger taxi hailing app business, the real logistics money is in the mature B2B market which Sendy failed to grasp earlier when it was the only player in the region. Though Sendy is pursuing this hard, and might catch up with its folks, as a late comer in the regional long distance trucks market, a marketing miracle is needed and it should be a big one, otherwise, it will go the MIH Africa or OLX Africa way.

Sendy got stuck too long in C2C bodaboda delivery business which was a good market awareness strategy but doesn’t return much on investments unless you have a war chest like Uber’s and are in for decades. The challenge, long distance haulage has become so competitive in Africa and everyone wants the share of that cake. With players like Senga, Lori, Kobo360 and Bwala plus traditional last-mile logistics providers and moving companies, Sendy definitely needs a miracle to save face and make money for its investors.

Sendy also lost the local on-demand food and grocery delivery market to players like GoBEBA, Glovo, UberEats because it became too rigid to experiment after raising venture capital. Sendy will still struggle unless it shakes its marketing team to get people who really understand the need for speed and the importance of the informal market as they transition to B2B customers. Someone from firm’s like Twiga Foods could help save them, maybe.

“We are working hard to help you grow your business across East Africa. You can now place deliveries in Uganda for 10-Tonne Trucks. Furthermore, you can move your goods with us from Uganda and Kenya to Rwanda, Burundi, the DRC and South Sudan using Trailers,” announced the firm in an email to its customers.

“Our platform and Partners in Uganda are ready and we are looking forward to providing you with the same service, commitment and expertise that you have come to know and love.This is in line with our vision to be the preferred delivery partner for Africa. We will continue to grow further across the continent to give your logistics seamless continuity across the region,” read part of the email.

TechMoran will update this article on Sendy’s strategy for growth in Kenya and Uganda and probably get a dive into the companies numbers. If you also think Sendy needs some extra energy boost, kindly leave your comment below.


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