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Shock as activist Boniface Mwangi exposes NMS extortion racket



Firebrand: Boniface Mwangi

Friday morning, Activist Biniface Mwangi was having an harcut at the Pension Towers in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

Soon, a GSU officer accompanied by some shady people that identified themselves as coming from the Kenya Reenue Authority (KRA) showed up.

Asked to produce their work identity cards, they froze.

Boniface Mwangi narrated as below:

Thread of how broken our country is. I was at my barbershop when these young men walked in, with a GSU officer & arrested the receptionist. We asked them to identify themselves, they said they were from KRA but they didn’t have IDs. We asked them to call someone who had an ID.

So it later turns out the young men without IDs and the GSU officers are under the command of Nairobi Metropilitan Service (NMS) employee. It’s Friday and they’re picking people from shops, beating them and taking them to a lorry for not having “branding licenses”

Because l recorded them, the GSU officers wanted to take my phone, I refused and in my attempt to ran away, I fell. They caught up with me, and beat me up. Even after the beating l didn’t hand over my phone.

Because we raised our voices, not single person was arrested in the entire Pension Towers building. l was slightly injured. The harassment and the brutalization of innocent citizens going about their business was captured on the building’s CCTV. Over to you


Boniface Mwangi injury

Turns out the extortion ring has been ‘legalised’.

Kenyans were shocked but most were not surprised.

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