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Slum residents contribute money to reconctruct Atwoli Road [Video]



Self proclaimed ghetto president Gaucho led a crowd of residents from Dandora, Kibera, Korogocho, Mukuru Kayaba, Mukuru kwa Reuben and Kariobangi in proclaiming solidarity with Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli.

Atwoli ni mwana-ghetto mwenzetu and as someone who came from the ghetto, we look up to him as a role model,” Gaucho told the media.

He said the decision to contribute money was meant to deter vandals who claimed that the signage was put up using taxpayer money.

We want to see whether Boniface Mwangi and Robert Alai will vandalise something that has been put up using hard earned money from ghetto residents,” he added.

Gaucho said that some youth had been given accommodation in a house near the road signage in order to protect it from any more vandalism.

We have already been given a house here in Kileleshwa where we will live so Boniface Mwangi and Robert Alai should not dare,” the self proclaimed Ghetto president warned.

He attacked Mwangi citing that activists such as Bobi Wine from Uganda, Julius Malema (South Africa) and Kenya’s very own ODM leader Raila Odinga do not engage in such forms of vandalism.

Fighting for Kenyans’ rights does not involve damaging road sign posts,” Gaucho challenged Boniface.

He also sensationally claimed that Alai was attacking the Cotu boss because of a deal which turned sour.

Last week, Atwoli said that he did not lobby for the road to be named after him and had not met the MCA who tabled the motion in Nairobi County Assembly.

I don’t need to lobby for that small road. I am known worldwide, those making noise are just envious,” said Atwoli, adding that a bigger road like Jogoo Road in Eastlands where he was born, should be renamed after him.

He, however, said that people should be celebrated when they are alive.

Don’t name a road after I am dead. If you have to do anything, do it when I am still alive, call me to parties. But don’t come to my funeral and start praising me that I was a powerful trade unionist,” he added.

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