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Steve Harvey may have just adopted Elsa Majimbo



Stave Harvey vowed to offer total support to Elsa whenever she needs it.

In a recent interview with American comedian and host Steve Harvey, Elsa Majimbo may have just secured herself an adoption situation. While on the show, Steve On Watch, Steve Harvey vowed to mentor and assist the comedienne in whichever way he can to help her advance her career. “I’m going to adopt you as my niece, I will give you my phone number…I don’t care what you need, if you need anything, you need a place to go, you need some help, you need some advice, you wanna talk to somebody, you call me. I’m serious, and I don’t want to let anything happen to you,” Steve stated.”

As admitted by Harvey, the gesture is a bid to bridge the gap between Africans and African-Americans. He added that whenever he has visited Africa, he has never felt like a minority.. unlike in the United States. “Elsa you got an uncle in the United States, anytime you need something, Uncle Steve got you and I’m going to give you all the advice you want,” Harvey vowed to Elsa.

Elsa currently resides in the US after relocating from Kenya then South Africa.


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