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Stop being selfish, Uhuru tells MPs pushing for hefty perks



President Uhuru Kenyatta has hit out at MPs for being greedy in the plan to award themselves hefty perks. 

The President said the lawmakers lack patriotism, adding that leaders must think of how to improve the lives of the people and not themselves. 

In a new push, MPs are now demanding to be provided each with a rent-free house, government vehicle, expanded medical cover, and travel allowances.

Uhuru said he was shocked that the leaders are committed to themselves.

He spoke at the Jumuiya Agribusiness and Blue Economy Investment Conference in Mombasa on Monday.

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“Kenyans are suffering yet when they read the newspaper, they find the MPs pushing for more money. I don’t want to fight with anyone, but these are things we need to talk about.”

The President further lashed out at MCAs in their clamour for hefty allowances.

“An MCA is paid Sh20,000 sitting allowances for the 30 minutes he spends in the assembly,” he said.

He added that everyone wants to live a good life, but leaders should first make Kenyans comfortable.

The proposal by the MPs came amid concerns of the country’s bloated wage bill.

Parliament is expected to vote on the Two-Thirds Gender Bill on Tuesday. The legislation will see taxpayers foot an additional Sh500 million to implement.

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