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Sudan Coup: Military Dissolves Civilian Government



KDRTV NEWS: Prime Minister and his cabinet have been arrested, and the government dissolved in the recent Sudan coup.

Sudan’s military has since declared a state of emergency as many political leaders were arrested while others were put under house arrest.

KDRTV respondents in Khartoum report gunfire as protestors took to the street to push for an effective power transition.

The coup has caught the intention of international powers who have been recently tried to establish a good relationship with Sudan.

Military and civilian leaders have had disagreements on power transition in the country.

The tension between the civilian and military leaders started after long-time ruler Omar Al-Bashir was thrown out of power.

Sudan is currently facing a severe economic crisis despite more international support.

The arrested leaders are being detained in an unknown location.

However, the protestors are adamant and have affirmed that they will not leave the streets until the return of civilian rule.

A section of the international community has condemned the military coup.

UK1s special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Robert Fairweather, condemned the coup, saying that military arrest of civilian leaders was “a betrayal of the revolution, the transition and the Sudanese people.”

The US, UN, EU, and Arab League have also expressed their concerns about the coup.

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