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Telkom Kenya Looters: An Inside look at the scandalous CIH Project



Telkom Kenya

Jessy Kiveu brokered the procurement of the containers which are now being used for the Constituency Innovation Hub (CIH) project at exorbitant rates.

The CIH project is designed to siphon money from County Governments & the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) partly through provision of containerized ICT centers and Internet connectivity.

Kenyan Bulletin has learnt that, the Principal Secretary (PS) for the Ministry of ICT (MoICT) Jerome Ochieng is using this project to raise money to fund his gubernatorial ambitions.

Telkom Kenya CEO Mugo Kibati is also said to be using this project to raise money through his spanner boy Julius Cheptiony. Julius was recently appointed Chief in charge of Public Sector at Telkom Digital.

However, the mastermind of the project is Mr. Jessy Kiveu, officially the Head of Public Sector.

Jessy is unofficially, the Chief Corruption and Bribery Officer (CCBO) at Telkom. More than 50 per cent of iPhones issued to officers in ICTA, MoICT, IEBC, Treasury, Huduma are issued by Telkom under the guise of Investment Board (IB) process with EXCOM approval and sign off, orchestrated by Maruti Kiveu (CCBO)

The looter

Jessy Kiveu (CCBO) with the blessings of the CEO and Julius Cheptiony, raised Ksh2.5million to bribe the National Assembly (NA) ICT Committee members to approve CIH funding from NG-CDF. But the clerk was ‘forgotten’ and refused to sign off the event at planned at Windsor Hotel. The NG-CDF Board also refused to endorse the project for circumventing PPRA procurement procedures. In a parallel move, Jessy forced the hiring of Telkom’s official slayqueen, Yvonne, a former PA to Igembe South MP. Her job is to meet and whip MPs to agree to implement the CIH project in their constituencies in return for a cut. Note that the project already inflated to accommodate this.

They have enlisted the help of Prof. Kamau Gachigi (Director at Gearbox) to help them sanitize the troubled project, buy fabricating low cost fit-outs of the inflated project.

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CEO Kibati found favour in Mr. Kiveu, who is assisting them run the criminal Enterprise, by primarily hiding behind Government to Government procurement to avoid competitive tendering.

Jessy Kiveu

A number of SAGAs have cancelled or refused to renew contracts on this revelation. These include: KEBS Ksh40million contract, who are now moving services to an equally corrupt Safaricom; The Judiciary Ksh90million contract, they moved services to Com-carrier/Airtel; NHIF are cancelling a 3-year contract for Non-performance; NCPB refused to renew Telkom’s MPLS/WAN project. This is after Jessy attempted to bribe the NCPB officials and it backfired; KNBS cancelled an Internet & backup contract just after 6-months; Huduma Kenya refused to renew contract, Konvergence was awarded; IEBC warned Telkom form participating in the recent tender for non-performance. The electoral body awarded the contract to Extranet worth Ksh162million.

Mr Jessy is described as so vindictive as a sales manager. According to insiders, he demands cuts from Sales team’s commission otherwise he removes them from ‘lucrative accounts’ and puts them on PIP. Recently, his deputy Ronald Agufana Luvale was promoted, with a team to lead and a salary increment. Jessy personally intervened, wrote a letter to HR to stop the promotion because Luvale is a Maragoli and Jessy is Bukusu and of course he believed the management, a Mr. Julius was quietly trying to groom Luvale as his replacement

The cuts he gets are used to fund construction of his flats in Bungoma and his Brand New Ford Ranger, which he took a loan to hide this and launder Ksh7million. Of course he even borrowed money from amongst other, George Kebaso to disguise the laundering.

Mr. Mugo Kibati finds him useful in his quest to raise money to fund his side chicks, such as the one at an upmarket suburbs, West of Nairobi.

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The ever broke CEO forces Telkom to pay all his subscriptions and routinely takes salary advances.  For these and his level of incompetence, all Top Executives in Telkom have since left: They are: Steve Okeyo, Chief Consumer Business (Now Group CEO at Hospital Holdings); George Kebaso, MD Carrier (Now Director, Wholesale & Enterprise at Airtel Kenya); Farouk, Director Transformation (Now CEO Mawingu Networks); John Barorot (Retired, sick); Geoffrey Shimanyula, Director of Sales (Resigned, now director at a Cement Firm); Catherine Olaka, CHRO (Now at Equity);  and Mr. Kristopher Mawuena/Senanu, MD Telkom Digital (Now Chief Enterprise  Business Officer at Safaricom). Infact, Mugo and his not so independent Auditor (Elam) tried to block the Move by Kris and George to Safaricom and Airtel respectively (unsuccessfully)

And there has been a hidden war brewing between the Luhya and Kikuyus. Luhya control public sector and Kikuyu who control Telkom’s important functions. These are: Irene (quiet but powerful and well networked, of ICTA, Treasury, MoICT connections); Patrick Masimba (Bid & Pricing Manager); Amachi (CIH project Manager); Ronald Luvale (embattled Public Sector team leader); Ignatius & Mukhwana (Finance Controllers) and the deposed CHRO (Catherine Olaka ) and Director of Sales Shimanyula vs. the Telekom Kikuyu mafia CEO Mugo, Director Legal (Wangeci), Head of Audit (Elam Muchira); All-KIKUYU project managers (Eliud Ragae, Christine Kimani, Nancy Kamau, Angeline Njihia).

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