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The best clothing and fashion stores in Kenya



Clothing and Fashion stores in Kenya: Clothing is a basic need for human beings from the minute they are born and throughout their lives. But the attire that one chooses to dress in tells a lot about a person. It gives a hint about their sense of fashion and maybe their personality. Before attending meetings, school, dates, and more social events, there is a need to select an outfit that will not only do you well in the event but also provide a reputable image for yourself. With fashion and clothing apparel digitalizing their services and introducing online shopping, here are some of the best clothing stores in Kenya that for sure provide a unique and elegant taste in fashion.

  1. LC Waikiki Kenya.

LC Waikiki is an international clothing brand that started in France but is now owned by Turkish businessmen. The company’s motto is “Everybody deserves to dress well”. It operates in 38 countries and has 868 stores worldwide making it the largest Turkish Fashion company. LC Waikiki deals with clothes collections ranging from men, women, young adults, children, and babies. Sure at the first visit to the store one might conclude the place is expensive but guaranteed of the quality of their clothes, it is a reasonable bargain for the clothes prices they offer.

LC Waikiki Kenya is located at Sarit Centre, Thika Road Mall, Two rivers Mall, Garden city Mall, The Hub Karen, and the recently opened store along Mombasa road after Nyayo Roundabout. It is a place worth visiting for a delightful fashion experience.

  1. Mr. Price Kenya

Mr. Price is an international clothing brand and probably the most popular store you’ll hear about when chatting about clothes. The company began its operations in Durban South Africa before opening 944 other stores across the world, Kenya being one of the countries blessed to have the stores. At Mr. Price Kenya, there are a variety of clothes on sale that one can consider including in their wardrobes. They have clothes for men, women, and teens and their clothes are all sold at an affordable price.

Mr. Price is located at Capital Center, Thika Road Mall, City Center, Westgate Mall, and Junction Mall Nairobi.

The best clothing and fashion stores in Kenya

  1. Vivo woman

This store has apparel that is for women specifically. It is also called Vivo Activewear. The store is all about making every woman look, and feel good with versatile and inclusive styles and sizes. It is a popular store even on the internet with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media platforms. It is the perfect store for women to get the latest fashion designs and accessories. The company was founded in 2016 by Wandia Gichuru a Kenyan-Canadian business lady and in 2016, the store was awarded the Kenyan Fashion Brand of the year award.  Gichuru explained that Vivo is a Latin word meaning “In the living” and it was founded out of a love for dancing and fitness.

Vivo Woman is located at Junction Mall, Yaya, Galleria, The Hub Karen, Garden City Mall, T Mall – Langata Road, City Mall in Nyali, and Westside Mall in Nakuru.

The best clothing and fashion stores in Kenya

  1. Mango Kenya

Mango is an international clothing brand founded in Barcelona by Spanish brothers and it has expanded its outlets to various countries including Kenya. Mango currently has 1,220 stores in 91 countries worldwide. The brand manufactures men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. The prices of the clothes they have are high end but rest assured that the quality of the clothing is unique and very appealing.

Mango is located at Westgate Mall in Kenya.

The best clothing and fashion stores in Kenya

  1. Sarai Afrique Kenya

Sarai Afrique fashion house is a Kenyan apparel store that provides high-quality and unique fashion clothes for women. It is where you can find all the best and latest selection of women’s clothes from reputable brands. They have contemporary and casual wear as well as evening wear which was recently introduced. Sarai Afrique has provided exceptional services to women over the last half-decade and thereafter has begun earning a lot of clients. The company believes that all customers are a part of Sarai Afrique house. They do everything to ensure customers get quality and affordable products.

Sarai Afrique is located at Lavington Mall in Kenya.

The best clothing and fashion stores in Kenya

  1. Think Twice Kenya

Think twice is a group of retail shops that allow customers to buy top-quality, stylish clothes at affordable prices. Whether they deal with second-hand or first-hand clothes, it all comes down to the quality of the materials that they sell to their customers. Think twice has had great reviews over the past couple of years as a good chain retailer of second-hand clothes. It probably is the best fashion thrift shop for most Kenyans due to the affordability and range of clothes to select from.

Think twice has various shop locations in Kenya totaling to 25 shops.

Visit the link below to see all think twice shops in Kenya: Locations | Think Twice Shops

The best clothing and fashion stores in Kenya

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